“A Pause on the Filbert Steps” – Gallery Paper Print – Unframed




In my travels to San Francisco, I have had the privilege of doing a lot of sightseeing. Far and away my favorite thing to do is simply walk the Filbert Steps. It’s free! with enchanting cliffside fields of flowers and breath-taking views of the bay. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill may often be seen along the Filbert Street steps. The climb can be strenuous with hundreds of steps scaling up the East side of Telegraph Hill. By this point featured in my painting it is nice to take a pause and soak in the scenery and catch your breath. I also enjoyed the challenge of painting the motorcycle. –

Easily one of my personal favorite paintings.

A Pause On The Filbert Steps
A Pause On The Filbert Steps

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1. 40” x 30” (Horizontal)


High Quality Gallery Print on Heirloom Quality Paper

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